06 February 2012

Field Trip To Everything Vintage

There's a cool new store in Williamsburg (actually Toano, if you want to get technical) called Everything Vintage.  Unlike any other antique store, Everything Vintage has an unique inventory of found beauties.  Industrial items, furniture, signs, clothing and more!  It is owned and operated by a local husband and wife team, that collect, refinish and sell everything together.  If you're in the area, you must make time to stop by!

One of the store owners, Jason, shared with me the way he happens upon the treasures they sell.  He said he leaves early in the morning with his trailer and truck.  He drives and drives until he happens upon a small town.  Hanging with the locals there, he asks around about things he is looking for and usually makes friends with a local or two, who lead him to great barns and attics stuffed full of "junk" (although we all know it's not really "junk")!  He makes offers and comes back with the goods!  Brave. Friendly. Awesome!  But he's not done yet!  He sometimes just cleans and waxes it before putting it out for his customers.

 Other times, he reworks the piece until it's reNOUNed!  

This island is top is from reclaimed lumber and the bottom is an old work table bottom from an old GE Factory!

The whole store is clean, impressive and a blast to shop in!  The prices are not too high and the pieces are good and solid!  I have a new favorite store!  I know they will be seeing a lot of me in the future!

I may have found a solution for my kitchen island dilema!  I love the tin!  The back of this counter is open shelving!  I hope it fits in my kitchen!

Upstairs, sign are everywhere!  Instant color and fun!

You can find them at 7880 Richmond Rd. in Toano,Virginia.  Which is only 15 minutes north of Colonial Williamsburg!  
You can also find them, and photos of their latest things, on Facebook HERE!

Don't forget to bring your truck for all of your treasures!

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