18 February 2012

Paint Cans As Wall Art & Storage

Cans CAN be used for much more than paint and beans!  Wall art and storage from reNOUNed cans!

DIY tin can wall candle sconces. Such a stunning result or very little effort and materials. Original post is in Hungarian but the photos are clear and explanatory.
{storage geek}

This was originally posted in Hungarian, so I can only guess what was used to cover the cans (without worry of fire).  I think it's gorgeous!  It would be fantastic with a punched tin design!  I recently found out the hard way, if you're going to do punched tin on a can, be sure you have filled the can with water and have frozen it SOLID before trying your punched design.  If not, the can WILL dent!  {don't ask how I know!}

Upcycled Can Wall decor

Ummm...any design for me!  Yes, please!!!  Storage.  Sparkle.  Fun.
Need 'em new and shiny?  Your home improvement store should have new, unused cans in gallon or quart sizes, where you find the paint supplies. 

{ready made}

Painted with color and chalkboard paint!  These can be hung directly on the wall or from a rod, as seen here!  Fabulous! 

Yes you can!


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