10 February 2012

reNOUNed Living Room: The BIG Painted Fireplace

I love helping others become reNOUNed!  Reusing what my clients already have and recommending a few additional items to make it all work, is KEY!  In this economy, my focus is to redesign spaces and save my clients money, by bringing out their hearts in a room!  I went to a client's house recently, for a recall and tweaking of a consult and design I did for her and her hubby.  Although they still have a few more things left on the to do list of recommendations I gave them, I think all and all, it's turning out nicely for Lisa and Mark!

Upon meeting Lisa, the walls in her living room were white.  The hearth and surround were white.  The mantle was really high and...yep!  Painted white (by the previous owner)!  The trim, white.  The leather furniture was against the walls.  The LARGE TV blocked a window on a LARGE entertainment center and the red curtains were drawn shut.  The family was about to begin a building project, just outside the french doors.  The goal for the room was to make it more family friendly, inviting for guests, to work with what they had in the home (to save cost), and to move closer to loving the white brick fireplace rather than tolerating it!  The flow need to be such that they could freely move to the future outdoor room.  The toys needed to be contained and the hubby needed to be happy with the TV.  Lisa needed a peaceful room for her family, that everyone loved to spend time in.
The TV blocked the window.

View from the pass through.

Since the living room is attached to the kitchen, with a large pass through and wide doorway, the two rooms needed to mesh with color but remain separate at the same time.  I wanted to make the fireplace the focal point and draw you into the room.  We poured over paint chips and referenced the colors in her favorite painting and her granite counters.  

Lisa is a Master Gardener, so the big poppy painting became the heart of her style, in this room. 

She showed me the rest of her house.  I needed to get a handle on the family's style, while at the same time, go hunting for items to bring into the room.  She loves traditional and transitional style with pops of modern, here and there and color!  She is NOT afraid of color!  Yeah!  We went with a warm red/brown color that is in the poppy painting, for her fireplace wall.  The colors for her kitchen and the rest of her living room walls would shift to smokey grey family, to play off of her Baltic granite and the back ground in her favorite painting.  

If you can't fix the paint on the fireplace, find a way to embrace it.  
We did just that when we dressed the flanking windows with white linen curtains and hung them high to give them as much importance as the fireplace.  Lisa and Mark moved from tolerating the fireplace to loving it!  The heavy brass doors came off to give a sense of depth to the room and the mantle was lowered to give them room for the new, smaller, TV.  Yeah!  Now the fireplace doesn't compete with the mammoth TV that once blocked the window.  It's clear, when you walk into the room, what the focal point is, the fireplace (with the TV over it)!  

{reNOUNed Nest}

We pulled the furniture away from the walls and brought it together to create a more intimate seating group.  Lisa and Mark are working on finding a graphic area rug that will anchor the group and tie in the colors.  The ottoman will get a tray for drinks and reading materials.  The end tables are currently something they had on hand, but may get replaced with small wooden end tables that go with the style of the other wooden pieces in the room.  For now, these storage cubes work.

{reNOUNed Nest}
Due to the glare, you can't see the reading lamp anyway.  The console table is under the poppies.  The antique wine rack is the center of attention at their neighborhood wine tastings!

The reading light is not exactly what I recommended but it was close.  They are missing on the height and the metal, but Lisa assured me that she is sending it back and working on getting one with more presence and the edgy style she and her husband like!  We snagged the console table, from the hall and put it under the poppies and dressed it with family photos and their children's collection of piggy banks.  The book cases now hold baskets with toys that their little girls love to play with in the living room.  

Floor lamp
This is the lamp (Target) that I recommended.  I think it will suit their style!

Eventually, they will add two shadow boxes with hinges, so show off their daughters' art work (Lisa joked that she would steer them toward reds, greys and browns so it will coordinate).  She will also introduce a large plant to anchor the corner by the window and balance the room.  The wall by the pass through will be arranged with large, framed family photos.  I can't wait to come back and see how it all turned out!
{reNOUNed Nest}

When I work on a room, I usually work up a Pinterest Board.  It helps me check to see if I'm on the same page as my client, as well as giving them links to where to shop.  Having them do the shopping, helps put my clients in control of their timeline and budget!  Here's the link to the recommendations and inspirations I used for Lisa and Mark
{reNOUNed Nest}

The three season room is next on her list!  I hope she asks me back to work on that room too! 


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