28 December 2013

Nostalgic Sporty Winter Doors

I love decorating with antiques and found items during winter.  I'm not sure why my sudden excitement with sleds and skates; I mean, I would get onto the kids if they left theirs out, but I hang them by my door and it's fine?   Decorating has different rules, than parenting, I guess.  I love the look of a lonely, experienced sled, by the door and skates with greens in them!  Besides looking awesome, those are decorations that can be embellished for Christmas and then left out for the rest of winter!  Cold weather sports aren't just for Santa and his elves, you know!

This is my front door.  The sled is the coolest!  The Silver Streak!  How fun!

I found this sweet sled in a dusty old salvage store in Exmore, Virginia!  
I love the shameless self advertising!

This is my back door with another sled (with less propaganda) and another skate (the match to the one by the front door).  I found the skates at a yard sale.  I wrapped the base of the greens in plastic cling wrap, since the skates are my size and technically, I could pitch the greens and skate in them, if the Burg ever froze!  A few weekends ago we hit near 70 degrees!  I guess I have a better shot at the 
indoor rink!

This is my side door (yes, that's a lot of doors) with just a wreath and more skates.  Yes, I do have another sled, which I usually lean against this door since no one ever uses this entrance/exit, but we are currently selling our house.  I kinda need folks to be able to open the door without being clobbered by a falling sled!

This one was the sled we used to pull our little ones around the snowy yard, when they were small!  Extra greens go in this one, waiting to be placed when the other greens get too brittle.

Daddy Loved To Play In the Snow!!!

I recently got some of my dad's things.  Reminders of my childhood, came rushing back as I opened a box from Gimbles.  My daddy's old skates.  I remember him holding my hand and leading me out onto a frozen pond in those!  Under the skates, a receipt (Dad kept all of his files and receipts in order, ALWAYS)!  It was a gift from my aunt to my dad and the cost of these fancy skates, was only $9.00 in 1969!  These are also the same skates Dad wore on his first date with Mom, at Lakemont Park, in Pennsylvania!  I would never decorate with these, they are far too special with their plaid flannel linings!  Maybe the memories of skating and sledding with Dad are why I decorate the way I do in the winter.

Dad kept everything!  The old receipt is still in the box!  My Aunt's signature is on it!  I love that!

I think I need to shine these babies up!



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  1. I have a few sleds and a wonderful pair of skates around here too. I love your Winter decor...and to havae those skates that were from your dad...how precious... Yes, polish those up and enjoy them.. they look just llike the pair I have. Blessings!



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