22 January 2014

Design Dreams: Hoping for a Farmhouse Kitchen and Bath

This evening, I've been dreaming of things to put in my new farmhouse (if we get it).  Lights, tile, sinks...

There's so much more I want to add, but this is a start.  Who knows!  When I get there, I may go a whole other direction, but for now, this is what I'm thinking!

{reNOUNed Nest}
Did you know that there is WAY more available online at Lowe's than there is in the store?  AND what's more, Lowe's has another online store, called ATG Stores, where even more is available?  I'm in love with both of these online stores, but especially ATG Stores.  The items available there are so design forward and current.  I highly recommend you check them out!

So the mood board, above, only has the items I need, not the items I have, so you have to kinda take it with a grain of salt.  We will have beautiful wood floors and cherry and white cabinets (both) in the kitchen, which were custom hand built.  They are gorgeous.  I'm not in love with the current stove, dishwasher or light fixtures, and there is currently no refrigerator; so above are my choices.  The oyster light is inspiration for the light I want to make!  I spent most of the summer collecting oyster shells and have enough to make one of these and the mirror below!   The three pendants will go over the island.  Hubby will love me because we need to add a couple more cans for the two extra pendants.  The oyster shell light will go over the farm table.  The rustic glass light will go over our farm/apron sink.

{reNOUNed Nest}
In my opinion, all wallpaper is out except grasscloth wallpaper!  It never goes out, as long as it's the real thing!  The vinyl look alike never quite cuts it.  It's expensive but my powder room is small, so there ya go!  We're getting it!  Yep!  ATG Stores again!  Great place!  The cabinet is representative of what I hope to find when I'm out junkin this summer.  We have neutral tile floors in this room, so all should go well.  The sink is one that is available at Lowe's.  It's gorgeous in person (I've been drooling over it)! The bell-jar light is representative of a light-less one that I found when I was thrifting in Cape Charles a few months ago.  I need to find where to get the lighting parts to make it work.  The glass is cut so beautifully.  It will be amazing, I know!!!


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