27 March 2014

Fresh Start: Picture Collage With Stripes and Chevrons

Hi Stranger!  Oh, wait, that would be me.  Sorry for the delay in posts.  I've been dealing with some serious shhh...um, stuff.  Trying to find my groove again through prayer, therapy and decorating.  Posts will increase in frequency as I work through everything.

The least of my issues has been the house sale.  At this point, even I'm confused about what we're doing!  The long and short of it is, we found this great house on the north end of town.  We fell in love, put an offer in, got an offer on our house which fell apart, the offer on the house we wanted fell apart too, someone else made a contract for that house, we took the house off the market and 
now we are waiting on a long-shot possibility, that neither Sandman or I want to talk about so we don't jinx it (or have too many opinions clouding our judgement), so don't ask!  
For now, or until 2020 (when Libby graduates) we're here in our beautiful, safe nest.

Something about moving, or even the idea of moving, gets me to take a HARD look at all of the things we have accumulated.  Sometimes I just don't know how we have so much stuff!  I purge our junk from closets and drawers regularly, so how does this house fill back up so quickly?  A few mornings ago, I was going through the frames I have stored under our bed.  I have to admit, I'm sort of a frame junkie.  I love the possibilities of painting them, hanging them, putting pictures in and changing pictures out.  On this particular morning, I was really reflecting on all that has happened to me since April and just wanted to clear the decks.  
Some people get a drastic haircut (which I have contemplated), some paint every room in the house a new color (but I love all of our colors) and some get rid of everything they can...that's where I am with life.  Purge all that is not needed, broken, past it's prime, expired, outgrown, doesn't mean anything to me (or my family)...just LET IT ALL GO!!! So cathartic!

As I put the frames I wanted to keep, back under my bed, I stopped and thought "What the hell are you doing?  Use the ones you want to keep and purge the ones on the wall you don't like!  Duh!"  So down everything came off the wall in our room.  I didn't lay it all out like I did the first time I did a collage in that spot.  I just built it and layered it as I went.  I reused the nails in place and stayed with roughly the same sizes, adding and moving as I saw fit.   

{reNOUNed Nest}
The view as you walk into our room.

{reNOUNed Nest}
It makes me smile every time I look at it!

{reNOUNed Nest}
Sandman and me on the day we renewed our vows.  Today, I was cruising through photos to find one to fill the frame on the right.

{reNOUNed Nest}
The crab is from the cover of Terp magazine.  It was naturally, my favorite issue!


{reNOUNed Nest}
So much better!  I love the stripes and chevrons. It just freshens it up and makes it not as serious.

So much to donate or sell (if I can figure out were to have a yard sale)!




  1. I love the AFTER! You do a great job with frames!!



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